Loan Against Shares

Loan Against Shares

A loan against shares helps you in borrowing funds against the listed securities like mutual funds, insurance, bonds, and shares. These loans are designed to help you in meeting your financial needs.

We at Finway Capital are well aware of the booming equity markets. Hence, we provide you with the option to raise funds during the time of emergency in life through our best loans against shares. We consider loan against shares to be a secured loan just like the loans against property, gold, securities, to name a few.

At Finway Capital, the assets that will be involved at the time of providing loans to our customers are the shares they already have in the equity market, which would be liquidated in the event of failure of the repayment. Hence, we facilitate sanctioning of the loans at a very low rate of interest so that you can meet your urgent financial needs with complete ease. The loans we provide, work in a similar manner as that of a personal loan that you can utilize for multiple purposes.

You do not exactly need a guarantor for applying loans against shares at Finway Capital. We strive to provide you with the best loan against shares in Delhi NCR to serve all your requirements of small money or addressing to unexpected financial needs. This provides our customers with instant liquidity which is a benefit in itself.

The biggest advantage in applying for such loans is: you are not required to transfer the ownership of the shares, and you shall continue to gain the benefits of the investment that you have done. You shall continue to gain all the benefits that a shareholder will receive from the stocks like the bonuses, dividends, etc. For more details about other loan services we offer, please visit our website.

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