Vision & Mission


Comma To be the most competent, honest and transparent Financial Services company of India for individuals and SME's "

The 4 pillars of our vision that will help us achieve it are:

To be a leader

We are committed to being a leader in all facets of our businesses, rather than being just another participant in this race.

To be a role model

We will not become leaders by cutting corners or making compromises. Whatever we do, we will strive to be the best in class. And if we are the best, then our customer will have no reason to go elsewhere - therefore our leadership is assured, on pure merit.

To be a broad-based player

We are committed to meeting all the felt and unfelt needs of our target customer. And thereby, we can retain him or her across their needs and lifestages

We aim to be an integrated player

We believe that this approach gives us a competitive edge with regards to all our key stakeholders.

Our Core Values


Delivery & Process Excellence
We are passionate about providing world class services which exceed our clients' expectations

We are not interested but committed to winning on behalf of our customers, employees and stakeholders in every possible manner.

Value Innovation
Innovation is a part of our DNA and the driving force behind all our actions


We are committed to an approach of unquestionable integrity in all aspects of organizational conduct

New Benchmark
We believe in continuous process improvement with a sole motive to exceed the benchmark standards.

We focus on creating an engaged workforce which is admired for its passion, persistence and Purpose.


CommaTo empower Indians by way of financial inclusion & literacy enabling them to make prudent choices when it comes to borrowing, investing or protecting their capital."

Our goal is to unite people and entrepreneurial ideas to create opportunities for a better world. There are so many challenges facing the world today, but we believe that by bringing the right people together and taking an entrepreneurial approach, we can create positive change.

Our work is divided into four areas:

Changing business for good

We believe business can be a driving force for social, environmental and economic benefit.

Market solutions to address climate change and conserve our natural resources

We believe businesses have a big part to play in creating opportunities from the challenges we face.

The power of entrepreneurs

We help early stage entrepreneurs build credible business plans for growth that have a positive impact in the world.

Human dignity

We work to protect every human's basic rights and freedoms through shining a spotlight on issues that we feel are unacceptable.

We know we can't change the world on our own, so we bring together entrepreneurs, philanthropists and inspirational leaders - then we collaborate for good. We want to form a powerful global community that are able to drive change.

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