Construction Link Loan

Construction Link Loan

Construction Link Loan is a short-term loan used to pay for the construction cost of the building. Unlike the traditional home loans that are based on the fair market value of the home, these loan amounts are determined on the projected value of the project when it's complete.

More than buying a property or plot at your favourite location in town, it's the financing of the actual building process as per one's dreams that aches the most. With your bought land by your side, Finway paves the way to ensure that your dream project gets completed smoothly and just like the way you wanted it to. During construction, this loan plan will disburse a portion of the funding at certain intervals of the construction to ensure that the building process goes smooth with no misjudgment of funds.

Easy-approvals, flexible tenures and with reduced EMI rates, Finway's Construction Link Loan will help individuals to easily build their dream home from the ground to up without facing much restraints. Click below to apply for the Construction link Loan Online and in case of any doubts or queries, feel free to connect with our loan experts.

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