12 Jul

Why you should consult with an expert financial advisor for better ROI?

You should not manage your money on your own specifically if fulfilment of goals is more important than managing the money. And what with there being so many investment products to choose from, selecting the right one to match your goals and your risk profile becomes tough. They usually end up choosing wrong products because they do not analyze the funds based on their risk tolerance capacity or based on financial goals they need to fulfil. They end up creating a portfolio based on what their friends suggest or where their relatives and colleagues have invested their money." Why do you need an expert financial investor?

When you get afraid of managing your money 

Individuals may earn a lot of money but when it comes to investing, they do not know the alpha, beta and gamma of their overall finances. They are not able to cultivate their money fearing that they may lose it despite making gains. So, without getting afraid about managing your finances, you should make your money grow and work for you by taking the assistance of a financial advisor.

When you are too busy with your job 

The daily routine of life keeps one busy - be it handling the household to work pressure -- as many don't find the time to manage their money suitably and some do not get the time to do it at all. In such conditions, it is advised to let an expert manage your money rather than burdening it yourself. If you don't have time, it is worth paying money to financial adviser so that he can handle your money properly.

When you don't understand your money personality 

Behavioral finance comes into image when we try to know money personality. It has been seen regularly that that people tend to buy a financial product when markets are doing well and withdraw when the going gets tough. In such a situation, if you don't have the courage to hold on your investments in these difficult situations, you should not make investments by yourself.

When life is going through a transition phase 

Like financial markets, life may also become instable at times when it interchanges from one phase to another. There may be conditions when too many things are happening in your life -- you are leaving your job to start a new venture, you are buying property to earn some passive income by leasing it out, your wife is leaving a job to start a new business -- when too many things are happening and you don't get the time to handle your money.

When you cannot keep stride with the changing landscape 

In the world of finances, rules, laws and policies changes often. "For example, new rules related to taxation of Long-Term Capital Gains (LTCG) after equities were introduced and then there were many changes which took place in the real estate sector. With so many changes occurring, you may not be able to keep pace of all of them and make relevant changes to your investments accordingly. 

When you are not able to recognize the big image of your financial life

If you do not understand the big image of your money life, do not plan your finances on your own. However, there will be a lot of reasons when you will be curious to do it yourself but, on the other hand, there will be more rational reasons when you will think that you should not be doing it yourself. This occurs because at the end of the day you know it's your hard-earned money and you would not like to make any trivial mistake losing that money you have, instead you would want to gather and make gains out of it at the end.